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We at Extranet Business Finance offer customized funding options that most suitable for your business. Our Business Finance Consultants offer tailor-made financing programs and solutions to both startup and well-established companies. We have hundreds of funding sources across the United States and Canada and help cut through the red tape that is often involved in securing business loans from lending institutions.

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We provide commercial loan service. No matter the size or stage of your business we can help. We build the strong relationships with private institutions to accomplish our clients' goals. We distinguish our self from others to help our clients success as well as survive. Contact Us!

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We work with private lending institutions and find the loan or lease at the best interest for the borrowers. We use loan application to perform the primary market transaction and to inform you the best lenders that offer loan program that you can qualify for. Contact Us!

Funding Programs

Our broad portfolio of business financial services are not limited to one funding source. A bank has one program, we offer many business loan options, that help you to secure any business assets your company requires to thrive and flourish. Contact Us!


  • Extranet Business Finance offers customized funding options that most suitable for your business. We can help to boost your productivity to the highest level of success in today business world and we deal directly with the funding sources will assure you the best loan or least at the best interest rate terms. Our financial consultants have leading solutions that will bring capital to your business. View More

Using Real Estate Financing for funding investment properties, to achieve business goals. Hard money loan can be applied against the property value.

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Factoring is a business financing against account receivable, to turn today's sales invoices into tomorrow's cash flow. Closing of a funding is 5 business days.

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While waiting for customers to pay the invoices, PO is a solution for business to turn business invoices into cash, to pay material costs from the suppliers.

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Leasing equipment to complete the projects is the advantage of cash reserve and tax saving, rather than tying up precious working capital or bank line.

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Rollover retirement to pay franchise costs is debt-free funding, tax advantage for a business start-up, called IRA Rollover or Self-Direct 401(k) funding.

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Using company assets to back up the business loan. Lenders use account receivable, inventory, and equipment as the collateral for qualified funding.

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  • We at Extranet Business Finance can help you to find a solution no matter the size or stage of your business. We have an affiliate network with private lenders, and enable to customize a loan based on your unique business needs. Joint us today to meet the challenge of the commercial and industrial lending, and learn more about business funding from the industry experts.


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