Apply Your Purchase Order Financing with Us

As you explore financing options, you may have come across purchase order financing. We at ENBF specialize in this type of funding, which is excellent for several reasons.

Advantages of Purchase Order Financing

Is one of your most sensitive issues finding the money to buy merchandise? How would you like financing that lets your company expand its market share and take on more orders? That’s what purchase order financing does! Also, your business should be able to grow without selling equity or taking on the burden of more debt. The funding arrives quickly and is flexible; use it for many purposes.

Types of Businesses That Benefit

Purchase order financing at ExtraNet Business Finance is for businesses such as:

  • Domestic producers of pre-sold merchandise
  • Importers of pre-sold merchandise
  • Exporters of pre-sold merchandise

We also work with:

  • Resellers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Producers

As long as you work with or deal in manufactured products and pre-sold goods, we should be able to help.

What if your business just started or does not have much cash flow? Talk to us! We are flexible, and we want to help. Get in touch with us today for an application or let one of our specialized professionals know that you want a call.