Fix & Flip Properties Financing


The correct time management is the most  important factor for your business, renovating a property and flip it for profit is a challenge project that required sufficient funding sources in order to gain a great source of income. We connect you with our lenders and customized loan options that fit your needs and help you to achieve the best value for your investment. If you plan to expand into the top notch markets around the country, we help you to pursue your real estate investing goals. We help you get deal and offer expert advice on how to maximize your profits and avoid losses on your investments.

Projects include:

Hospital, Office, Medical, Single Family Home, Lots, Golf Course, Sport Club, Car Dealer, Self-storage, Car Dealer, Industrial, Marina, Church, Student Housing, Self Storage, Senior Housing, Retail, Hospital, Industrial, Land, Student Housing, Self Storage, Senior Housing.

  • Project Financing
  • Bridge & Hard Money Financing
  • Commercial Development & Construction
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • State Income Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisition

General information:

  • Construction Loan: Loan to ARV 70%; Term Loan 13 months
  • Fix & Flip Loan: Purchase & Rehab Costs 90%; Loan to ARV 75%; Term Length 13 months
  • Bridge Plus Loan: Experience 5+ completed flips in 24 months; LTV 80%; Term Length 13 months
  • Cash Out Loan: Down Payment 0% if Property is Owned outright; Loan As-Is value 50%; Term Length 13 months

Important factors when considering funding:

  1. Overestimating After Repair Value (ARV)
  2. Underestimating Completion & Market Time
  3. Underestimating Construction Costs


  • 401(K) & Fixed Annuities Can be Rollover  an Account for Investment
  • Term Loans 13 months or Less
  • 7%-12% Investment Return Rate
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fast Closing

There is always a way to fund your deals. We provide an online application and guide you through the step-by-step approval process. The loan rate is varied that based on several factors such as loan type, loan amount, LTV and Risk factors. Please complete the below application form. Contact us today start the process. Our expert consultants will connect you with trusted private lenders and hard money lenders in the industry financing.