Sale Leaseback Equipment

At ExtraNet Business Finance, we can help you to get funding for equipment, machinery, commercial vehicles, and software products. This financing option helps your company purchases new equipment or pre-ownd equipment. Whether you are looking to own or lease equipment, our financing solutions will ensure you have the right equipment for your business. We work with many leading companies across the nation to help you determine the best leasing option for your business. Leasing equipment help you to preserve cash, tax saving, for your business.

Own Or Lease?

  • Companies don’t make money by owning equipment; They make money by using equipment
  • Own assets that hold value or increase in value
  • Rent assets that decrease in value
  • Equipment lease is a long-term rental

Sale & Leaseback

Sales and Leaseback is an arrangement in which the seller of an asset leases back the same asset from the purchaser.  The lease arrangement is arranged right after the sale agreement with some payments and the period specified. This process provided short-term working capital and retained the usage of traded assets. Leaseback option also provides the seller with tax deductions.

We at Extranet Business Finance offer many financing options for the business, and we are happy to help you grow your company the way you envision it. Contact us today for getting your financing application started.

Lease vs Bank Loan


  •   No Down Payment
  •   Quick Approval
  •   100% Financing
  •   Flexible payment options
  •   Tax Saving

Bank Loan:

  • 20-50% Down
  • Obsolescence
  • Calculate interest and depreciation
  • On Balance Sheet
  • Full Loan Package

What A Lessor Looks For?

  • Time in Business: the first 3 years
  • Bank Relationship: 2 year history, Adequate cash balances, No bounced checks
  • Credit History: Personal & Business, Financial condition
  • Additional Collateral: Personal Guarantee

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