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Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud based accounting could be just what your business needs. It’s a flexible accounting system that offers greater ease for businesses by relieving burdens and increasing benefits. Take a tour through eleven great ways accounting via a cloud can change your business and even your life for the better. Versatile Being able to do cloud… Read more »

Meeting Your Needs for Healthcare Financing and Working Capital

We at ExtraNet Business Finance specialize in helping businesses in the medical field. Whether you run a veterinary practice, a dental practice, a family medicine practice or something else, we can help you with such varied needs as healthcare financing, working capital, equipment financing and debt consolidation. Receive More Working Capital Do you need more funds for such… Read more »

Apply Your Purchase Order Financing with Us

As you explore financing options, you may have come across purchase order financing. We at ENBF specialize in this type of funding, which is excellent for several reasons. Advantages of Purchase Order Financing Is one of your most sensitive issues finding the money to buy merchandise? How would you like financing that lets your company expand… Read more »

Turning Your Dream of Owning a Franchise into a Reality

Many views are securing a franchise as one of the easiest ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to build their business portfolios. However, earning the rights to purchase a franchise may not be as easy as you think. Most franchisors have strict qualifications that must be met before they will even consider you as a franchise, and most requirements are… Read more »

Solving the Problem of Business Equipment Obsolescence

Picture this scenario: you reach the mid-point of your fiscal year and realize that you are way under budget. You then decide to use these extra funds to buy all new equipment for your business. Things are going great, right up until the end of the year when the manufacturer releases an entirely new and upgraded line, thus… Read more »

Saving You from the Potential of Lost Sales

Do you ever wonder how many customers walk out of your doors because they can’t afford your products or services up-front? Each of these lost sales could easily be converted into loyal clients if you were able to offer them a way to pay without having to strain their budgets. We at the ExtraNet Business Finance can… Read more »

SBA Loans For Business

At ExtraNet Business Finance, we use only preferred lenders, delegated by SBA programs for the quick approval process. Our SBA programs reduce the process time from 120 days to 45 days from submission to the lender to closing a deal. SBA loans are low-interest loans, partially guaranteed by the government, which is different from the conventional… Read more »

Welcome to Extranet Business Finance

We offer highly personalized service and help cut through the red tape that is often involved in securing business loans from banks and other lending institutions. We are the leader in the financial industry. We offer flexible solutions and valuable investor relationships with our clients. You can help you to choose the right transaction for… Read more »