Meeting Your Needs for Healthcare Financing and Working Capital

We at ExtraNet Business Finance specialize in helping businesses in the medical field. Whether you run a veterinary practice, a dental practice, a family medicine practice or something else, we can help you with such varied needs as healthcare financing, working capital, equipment financing and debt consolidation.

Receive More Working Capital

Do you need more funds for such varied purposes as expanding your practice or consolidating debt? Benefits of our working capital loans include:

  • Generous loan repayment terms of up to 6 years
  • No down payment necessary
  • Freedom to use the money as you deem fit
  • Loans not reported to credit bureaus
  • Application to $75,000. up to $250,000.
  • Acquire Other Healthcare Practices

One reason for healthcare financing is to acquire other practices or to get the finances to buy out a partner. After all, business growth is vital to many professionals.

Lease Medical Equipment

Many medical offices lease a large percentage of their medical equipment to save on upfront costs while taking advantage of the most current technology. We offer finance for this purpose, and we will also give you a loan at the same time.

Consolidate Debt

There are many benefits to debt consolidation with us. For example:

  • Rapid approval
  • One payment per month
  • Quick repayment of your current debts

Get in touch with us today for an application or contact from one of our specialized professionals.