Saving You from the Potential of Lost Sales

Do you ever wonder how many customers walk out of your doors because they can’t afford your products or services up-front? Each of these lost sales could easily be converted into loyal clients if you were able to offer them a way to pay without having to strain their budgets. We at the ExtraNet Business Finance can help make this conversion happen through the consumer financing options that we offer.

Benefits for Both You and Your Customers

Our program allows you to extend credit to customers even when banks and other traditional lending institutions can’t. We’re able to offer on-the-spot financing, saving you from the potential for lost sales that can come when customers have to wait for approval. You can even set up incentives to encourage customer financing, such as offering options like six months same as cash.

If you’re worried about the added stress that can come from offering consumer financing, don’t be. We’re prepared to handle all aspects of your program’s management, including:

  • Following up with customers for payments
  • Managing your bad debt
  • Assuming any existing loans, you’ve already offered

When taking advantage of our Consumer Financing program, you’ll never have to wonder “what if?” ever again. We can help build up your brand while avoiding the hassles that come with credit management. Contact us today for setting up your company’s consumer finance service.