SBA Loans For Business

At ExtraNet Business Finance, we use only preferred lenders, delegated by SBA programs for the quick approval process. Our SBA programs reduce the process time from 120 days to 45 days from submission to the lender to closing a deal.

SBA loans are low-interest loans, partially guaranteed by the government, which is different from the conventional business loan from a bank.  Businesses with insufficient down payments or collateral for traditional bank loans may be able to qualify for an SBA guaranteed loans. Also, enterprises receive credits with lower interest rates and longer repayment terms, and they may also be able to be eligible for an SBA guaranteed loans.

Most small business sectors use SBA loans for their daily operation expenses, including purchasing new equipment or purchasing real estate. Keep in mind that if choosing a wrong loan program, you could lose significant benefits. At Extranet Business Finance (ENBF), we would show you what you need to know to pick the best an SBA loan for your business. We have hundred lending sources for most business transactions. We have been most successful for our clients by arranging an SBA guaranteed loan.

Visit our website and fill in your information to contact us today. No matter the size or stage of your business, we’re excited to hear from you. We wish you happy with success in your business!