Solving the Problem of Business Equipment Obsolescence

Picture this scenario: you reach the mid-point of your fiscal year and realize that you are way under budget. You then decide to use these extra funds to buy all new equipment for your business. Things are going great, right up until the end of the year when the manufacturer releases an entirely new and upgraded line, thus rendering the ‘new’ equipment you just purchased obsolete. Now, as your competitors enjoy the advantages that the new equipment line has to offer, you’re stuck trying to unload your now-outdated models.

Why Lease?

At ExtraNet Business Finance, we offer several equipment financing packages that help you to lease the latest and greatest equipment in your industry. There are several reasons why to rent equipment:

  • It protects you from being stuck in situations such as the scenario mentioned above.
  • It saves you from having to put a significant portion of your available assets towards the down payment on new equipment.
  • It allows you access to new resources without affecting your borrowing capacity.

Why Lease From Us?

We offer several attractive leasing options, whether you’re considered a small equipment order of less than $150,000, to more massive purchases of over $500,000. Our lease terms are up to 84 months with outstanding rates. We offer sale and leaseback options, as well, allowing you to sell your equipment to us for an immediate infusion of working capital, and then lease it back to support your operations even if you are a small startup with no established credit, or a company looking to rebuild your business credit profile. All commercial and municipal agencies are guaranteed approval.

With the many equipment leasing options that we offer to ensure your business will have the most cutting-edge technologies and resources on the market. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of leasing.